You’d think the Israelis would be paralysed by regret by now wouldn’t you? ‘We regret civilian deaths’, ‘we regret firing missiles into red cross ambulances’, ‘we regret firing missiles at UN observation posts’. Well STOP bombing then you bastards!

For most of us regret is something we learn from. It is the feeling that you could have done things differently if you had foreknowledge of the consequences of your actions. So you’d think that after the first round of innocent civilians were killed and the apparent regret they express kicked in they might reconsider cluster bombing civilian conurbations. Or might stop firing high precision missiles at civilian vehicles fleeing North as they were asked to.

Israel and those who support it’s actions are beneath contempt. Their sickening justifications for mass terror are a disgusting distortion of what we all know to be morally correct.

So what about the self-appointed guardians of our global morals? Unsurprisingly the multi murdering, death penalty signing Dubya is suggesting that the whole thing is Iran’s fault and the poor bleeding children of lebanon and the rest of us should be complaing to them about the bloodshed. Apparently he does want a ceasefire but only when Israel is good and ready. He wouldn’t want all those rushed orders for more weapons to be cancelled now would he? And it might give him the opportunity to conduct air-strikes on Iran and Syria if it all goes his way.

Of course our much loved, god fearing defender of the peace Mr Bliar (not a typo) is happy to continue to worship Dubya’s rusty brown texan star as usual. How does that wanker sleep at night?

So the results of today’s peace talks? Well the Axis of evil (USA, UK and Israel) don’t want an immediate ceasefire because it might only last a few days or weeks. Well excuse me but might that not give the red cross a chance to deliver much needed aid to the dying civilians of Lebanon? Might it not give a few of the innocents enough time to flee the area without heroic Israeli helicopter pilots bravely blowing up their peugeot’s with laser guided missiles?

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