Creative Chaos

I guess it’s no suprise that the Bliar refuses to demand an immediate ceasefire, he hasn’t even asked for permission to speak from his pimp. But I am wondering why the opposition seem to have nothing to say on the matter?

Dave, where are you? Didn’t you know it is considered ‘cool’ not to bomb women, children, the infirm, the red cross and UN observers or are you hoping to steal back some of those right wing hardcore tories keeping Bliar in power?

Ming meanwhile is presumably tucked under a tartan shawl dozing by the fireside.

Most sickening of all is that Dr Condoleeza Rice describes the death of 400 and the displacement of 1/2 million lebanese civilians as the ‘birth pangs of a new Middle East.’ Great diplomacy there! All I can say is I’m fucking glad you’re not my Doctor.

It’s fairly obvious that bombing a civilian population into submission, and destroying a nation’s infrastructure is unlikely to endear the Arab world to the West. Without a doubt there are children all over Lebanon vowing to avenge the deaths of their mothers, fathers and sisters.

A year ago Condo talked of spreading ‘creative chaos’ in the Middle East, presumably this is what she meant. I can’t help thinking that the US and UK are actually deliberately pursuing foreign policies designed to encourage more & more terrorists. After all the more threatened we as citizens feel by potential acts of terror the less we complain about the erosion of our civil liberties.

This presumably is a secondary benefit. The main being a ‘New Middle East’. With Iraq no longer a threat to anyone except it’s own citizens and it’s oil fields safely in the hands of US corporations it only remains to liberate Iran and Syria of their land and oil. After all we know we are approaching a resource crisis, not to mention the threat of global warming and the massive geo-political upheaval that it will bring with it.

The US is already blaming Iran and Syria for the conflict in Lebanon. I think they are hoping to antagonize them into becoming officially involved allowing a couple more regime changes in the region. Continuing to follow the policies of the US think tank Project for the New American Century founded by Dick cheney in 1997. PNAC advocates spending more to strengthen the US military for preserving and extending an international order friendly to US security, prosperity and principles.

Interestingly a large number of PNAC members also happen to be high ranking officials in the Bush regime, oops administration, including:
Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and John Bolton.

The best thing we can do for the future of the world is to rebuild the credibility of the UN, preferably removing the USA from the security council until they remove Bush & Co from the whitehouse.

Before we can do that of course we need to remove our lilly-livered, lying sycophantic tosser of a prime minister (and his cronies) from power first.

Have a nice day everyone! Jan out.

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