Congrats to me

What with all this international paralysis and bloodshed I nearly forgot to mention that I am back in full time employment (pending successful completion of my probationary period, good references and a successful medical of course).

Which is a good job because Jo Bobs requires plenty of champagne to keep her blood flowing and my weird face out of focus!

In these times I can’t even come close to mentioning the company as there is a rapidly growing case file of individuals sacked because they indulged in a bit of blogging. Several of these have never mentioned the company name and used a pseudonym as well so I’m certainly not going to rock the boat on this one.

I should however point out that all opinion on this page is purely a result of my own free time speculation and amateur philosophising (is that an actual word?) and in no way represents the views of the anonymous company I now work for.

Hooray for me!!!!!!!!

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