Bend Over Bliar

Wow, go Tony! You really showed Dubya that you’re no poodle. The people of Lebanon must be so relieved that you’ve managed to bully Dubya into resolving this human tragedy by demanding some almost immediate discussion.

His brilliant plan is that everyone (apart from Hezbollah, Syria and Iran) gather round a table some time next week and have a chat about a long term solution to the Middle East ‘problem’. The idea is to mandate an ‘immediate’ UN peace-keeping force to augement the Lebanese army.

This word ‘immediate’ seems to have lost it’s meaning all of a sudden. It is unlikely that a peace-keeping force can be assembled instantaneouly, especially while Israel are busy murdering the UN observers who are already in the region.

So this rapid reaction plan then seems to tie right in to the Israeli’s own time scale for a resolution – weeks of unfettered slaughter.

I would like to know how Dubya and Bliar actually define terrorism, because any definition I can find describes the actions of Israel completely. The failure of the US and UK to condemn these actions sends a message to the whole world that it is acceptable to murder civilians for political ends.

There really is only one way to fight terrorism and that is with diplomacy from a position of the moral high ground. By resorting to the same tactics as the terrorists you merely confirm their beliefs and justify their methods of resistance.

Since this is not a particularly difficult concept to grasp, and most politicans are by no means stupid, we have to conclude that their actions are calculated to provide them some other benefit.

Anyway, get your voice heard at

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