So drunk I have no idea what I might say

hmm it is a recurring problem, drunk alone in strange places you are filled with inspiration. It is easy to write, sometimes it is even funny. Stuck in the status quo with your drunk girlfriend giggling with her bezzy in the corner it is much harder to find something you (if no one else) can be arsed to type that’s worth spending the time doing so.

I should have been in bed when I wrote that. It was not as late as it should have been but I was the right side of drunk to start a rant and god knows the cronies at the powerhouse never stop doing stupid things worth ranting about. However being coerced into inadequately pumping up a very adequate airbed while seeking divine inspiration wasn’t really inspirational.

So now I am suffering from all the cloudy cider I consumed last night while the wrong woman sleeps in my bed and the right one is curled up almost on the floor probably dreaming of sinking ships or quicksand while she tries to sleep on the result of my uninspired and inadequate airbed construction attempts.

It’s a shame because that strikes me as a great metaphor for the new PFI rescued hospitals we’ll be getting in the near future. Unfortunately the gits who’ll be lending the money will never have to lie in the beds the make, unlike me.

But my head is pounding too much and all this bed talk was really just an excuse to show off a new graphic anyway.

Toodle pip folks…

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