This week Dubya dropped a bombshell (metaphorical, as opposed to the real ones they drop all over the world) apparently the CIA were holding potential ‘terrorists’ in secret prisons around the world. Oooh Gasp! Never! That implies that all the ‘rumours’ of extrordinary rendition, the practise of kidnapping someone and flying them off to secret prisons, were also true unless they got the ‘terrorists’ to meet them there.

So no suprises there then. The US government and no doubt our own have been lying to us as we all suspected. Of course it is all for our own good. We should be thankful that we don’t live under a regime in which it is possible to disappear on the whim of some faceless secret service spook. To be incarcerated indefinitely without access to the law. After all that’s why we fought Saddam and all those other tin pot dictators.

Tass the cat in PrisonAnyway we are off to sunny spain in a couple of hours – hooray! Unfortunately we have to lock the cat up in a cattery for the week – boo!

Here’s a picture of the little fella…

Take care everyone…

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