Broken Record

I have been waiting patiently for a news article I read elsewhere to appear on the bastion of British news media, good old Aunty Beeb. Not on the BBC’s television news of course, since that has only been pretending to be informative and hasn’t provided any critical analysis of the news for years. However I thought that Radio 4 or the BBC website might at least be trying to remain relevant?

Was there some lost weekend that I have no memory of where I went on a white lightning bender and when I finally woke up, counting the carrot chunks in the bowl, some multi-national conglomerate had bought our Aunty?

I used to laugh at American ‘science’ documentaries when I was younger, proudly touting Aunty’s Horizon as the measure of all. Unfortunately someone seems to have decided that sensationalist new age drivel is what the people want. Maybe they got the same integrity challenged producers employed on that popular light entertainment magazine show called the BBC News to take over.

Maybe it’s because the country’s most respectable media organisation never asks critical questions and has become obsessed with sensationalism and being popular that 59 out of 90 headmasters when sent information packs from ‘Truth In Science’ (a group proposing ‘Intelligent Design’ as an alternative to Evolution) responded that they would be helpful teaching aids. Just remember these are the people in charge of the education of your children.

If you haven’t read about intelligent design then you can spend several hours trying not to wet yourselves by searching for it on the web. What truly makes me laugh is the transparent weasely facade the Truth In Science organisation presents as a front for American Fundamentalists. Intelligent Design? Oh the exquisite irony!

The thing that makes me cry however is the popularity of this belief system presented as science. Surely it is only a matter of time before Horizon covers the theory with a straight face. We may be one of the most secular societies in the world but it seems the majority of us still want to believe.

Get back to the point fat lad! – ed (I always wanted to be the bloke who wrote ‘blah blah blah – ed’ in the Beano)

Well Ok maybe Aunty beeb isn’t the only view on the world in this country but it is a f**king major one.

Here come’s the broken record – ed [ooh joy! Joy!]. The story whose absence has miffed me so is that an EU funded Identity research group released a report stating that the current scheme of digital biometric passports being implemented across the western world is fundamentally flawed and make Identity theft easier.

Our government is using the Passport technology as the basis for the National ID card and Identity Register and intends to spend £6 billion implementing them (although the London School of Economics believes the actual cost will be nearer to £19 billion, and that is disregarding the all the previous late, over-budget and non functional goverment IT projects that we have paid for before).

Beyond the cost, this system will eventually affect every aspect of our society and as such not only deserves, but demands open and honest debate about the implications.

Why does Aunty think this isn’t news worthy? Sadly Aunty’s once pristine petticoats have been soiled by who knows what? Is it just apathy? A drive to be popular? An attempt to justify the license fee by not rocking the boat?

Here’s some references, further reading…

Passports hacked

The Register article on FIDIS report

The FIDIS report itself

I think that the rant is over for now, at least on this page, I think I will need to create an ID card section all of it’s own so that people can ignore it and I’ll have to write about something else on these pages.

Take care reader -ed

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