Hooray the shortest day

We had a great time last weekend when we went to see my Ma. It was great to see the Singing Loins again. We bought ourselves a new camera a couple of weeks ago, so I chanced taking it to the pub for what I knew would be a dangerously drunken evening. When you consider that I broke our last camera within four hours of buying it and I wasn’t even drunk you’ll realise how immensly brave I was. Photo’s of the night here

There were several downsides to the weekend. Obviously I had a stinking hangover the next day and these days my body isn’t subtle when it complains about all the horrible things I do to it. Which means that Sunday was consigned to feeling crap all day.

The worst one was the fact that I managed to pick up the lurgy from someone. It crept up on me early Monday morning and made me feel weaker and feebler than I usually do on a Monday morning. By the time I went home I was nauseous and staggering about a bit. The train journey seemed to take hours (hours more than the two it takes anyway).

So I have spent the rest of the week off sick, which I didn’t need and neither did my employers. I can’t help noticing though all these adverts that suggest a bit of lemon and artificial sweetener flavoured paracetamol is going to miraculously make you feel well enough to commute for two hours and then be any good at your job.

Even cold remedies that do work, shouldn’t be used so you can sit on commuter trains, in offices or waltz around super markets leaving a trail of people with frail immune systems lying gasping in your wake.

One of the reasons a deadly flu pandemic is so dangerous is because we seem to find it perfectly acceptable to squeeze ourselves into packed commuter trains when we are infectious.

Toodle pip chums

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