Now when I were a lad…

Your uncle or new girlfriend’s Dad would tell you how they were in a band when they were young. Now however with the wonders of new technology us oldies can force you to listen to MP3’s of our youth. Just be thankful we can’t record odours yet.

In the absence of any children I thought I would inflict my nostalgic musings on any hapless passer by who stumbles onto these pages. It’s a dangerous place the internet.

For the love of sheep don’t click on the menu item daubed with the letters ‘m’ ‘u’ ‘s’ ‘i’ ‘c’. I have to spell it or the cat starts to howl.

Stick it to the man, kids. er…. I don’t mean stab anyone or anything though, you know? I meant it in a kind of 60’s hippy voice.

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