Spend for your lives

Consume for your country! Apparently if we don’t the magic money wheel will stop turning. Since a vast number of people just manage to scrape together enough money to pay for their utilities and subsistence I’m not sure how that’s going to work.

Unless maybe duty has increased on fags and booze? I can’t seem to find any news on that yet. Don’t get me wrong I am as reliant on pointless luxury items as the next person. But I can make do with a P.A.Y.G. mobile that can be used to phone and text people, rather than an online multi media computing device that also happens to be a phone.

I am much more concerned about getting a job at all and where we are going to find a £50 – 70k deposit just to buy a little place we can call our own.

The Government certainly appears to be leading by example. Of course it’s not their money they are spending. It is ours. It seems we are expected to pay for this ‘fix’ multiple times, taxes already paid, future tax increases to pay for government spending and to top it off we need to consume more junk (which is also taxed – but slightly less than usual) as well.

By the way don’t forget to save for your pension while you are doing all that extra spending and borrowing because you’ll not be getting much from the state. Or from personal investments by the looks of it.

All those billions wasted on the illegal oil grab in the middle east seem a bit frivolous now don’t they? How about the billions wasted on worthless government I.T. systems and frequent associated cock ups?

Let’s review some of the rubbish we have got for our money…

CCTV coverage.
Speed Cameras
National Identity Register & ID cards
Automated Number Plate Recognition System & associtaed database
National DNA Database
ContactPoint children’s database
Central Communications Database FIPR slams central communications database
Private Finance Initiative (PFI) Private contractors take taxpayers for a multimillion-pound ride
PFI: the issue explained

Some people get all cynical when you mention Orwell these days. Then again cliches exist for a reason.

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