Site Updated

So I have finally got the newly designed site functional. There’s more content to add, but what is here works. Obviously the look of the site has changed a lot, and I am particularly happy with the new look and structure of the photo galleries. The underlying structure of the site is now much cleaner and easier to modify when I want to change the design in the future.

Instead of this front page having a long list of all my non-archived postings, it will now only contain the current entry. to read older posts you need to go to the ‘Dreary’ menu item and select the year. Although if I post some brief one liners, several entries may appear on this page.

I still have more to do. The Dreary archives only go back to 2006 even though I have been ranting since 2002, there are several photo albums still to put back up, as well as the hilarious old message board archives (which still generate the most hits for my site!)

I’ll be working on a few more of the galleries today and adding a contact me button so you can mail me from the site.

That’s all for now…toodle pip!

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