Formula 1/2

Today the BBC announced that they will be sharing coverage of Formula 1 with Sky from next year, each party showing half the races live. The BBC will show highlights of the races it doesn’t show live. They will however continue to show live coverage of all races online.

I know I’m never really in the target demographic of any product. I just don’t consume enough for the modern world. I am a massive fan of the BBC F1 coverage though. It is one of the few good programs they produce.

The news is nothing more than a magazine show lacking any critical analysis of anything. Soap opera’s don’t interest me at all. Some of the light entertainment is trite but watchable when you need that non-chemical but equally addictive thought suppressant that TV excels at delivering. Except of course you switch it on and find that it is a repeat you have seen at least three times on BBC1 & BBC2, four times in one week on BBC 3 or BBC4 and weekly for the next 6 months on Dave.

All the quirky comedy moved to chanel 4 over the last 20 years (along with critical news). They still manage some good factual / educational content but even that is far less frequent and quality is no longer guaranteed. Look at Richard Hammond’s Journey To… for example.

The BBC F1 coverage has been exceptional and I think is a major contributing factor to the popularity of the sport in the UK. I like watching motorracing in general, but most other race series just aren’t as accessible because they don’t have the same in depth informative and entertaining pre and post race shows. In addition they just aren’t shown with enough regularity.

Does this deal mean they will also change the format of the coverage? Lose the 3 stooges (EJ, DC & Jake)? Will we still have the f1 forum? Will coverage be consistent between Sky & the BBC? We’ll have to wait and see but I can’t see any of this being good for F1 viewing figures.

Surely they could have sold Eastenders to Sky instead?

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