Kitten Arbitration

We were always worried about Milo’s reaction to a 10 week old kitten. Whilst beautiful, friendly and playful, Milo does have trust issues and can be really quite nervous. So he has quite a few people on his “things I have bitten” list as well as a dog and many other cats.

For the last three weeks we have been implementing varying levels of feline apartheid in the house depending on the energy levels and indomitable spirit demonstrated by Loki in the face of Milo’s irritation.

We’re still putting Loki to bed in the kitten cage we have built in the bedroom because she just can’t resist chasing Milo all over the house during the night if we leave her running free.

Today several milestones were reached. The usual morning regime is as follows…

This video shows them interacting. It’s quite dull although Loki does provide a classic kitten, table boundary problem at the end.

Loki starts making a range of noises that apart from “kitten in need” include “injured baby seagull” and “small curious dinosaur chirrups from Jurassic Park”. Whilst doing this she is clambering around the inside of the cage like a monkey on a climbing wall. I’m not sure what kittens are made of but someone should consider making cars, aircraft or tanks from the stuff because she doesn’t seem to care how far she falls or how hard she hits her head.

At this point I now have to wait until she shuts up for at least 5 minutes so she doesn’t associate being released with the song of sorrow that she has been performing thus far. So once she is silent I release Loki. Milo, who is usually sleeping on the bed will get ready to dash down the hall after me, dodging Loki who follows him in a series of leaps unsucessfully designed to land her on his back.

This morning however after a 5:30 start to her performance of despair she eventually gave up at 6:30 at which point I had to get up anyway. When I let her out I went off to the loo expecting the usual thunder of the herd to follow me (it is amazing how much noise 1.2 cats can generate on badly fitted floor boards.) After an unsually unaccompanied pee I returned to the bedroom to find them both on the bed half a kitten length between them.

The rest of the day has been equally harmonious, with Loki happy to just lie down in the kitchen and watch Milo eat rather than trying to nudge him out of the way.

They have still perormed many a majestic, if panic tinged, tandem sweep up the hallway and through the lounge though.

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  1. Ingrid says:

    They’re both incredibly cute. I like the stoic nature of Milo in the video….

  2. Andrew says:

    Milo used the force… as he turned the lesser mitten was pushed off the coffee table Spaceship landing pad