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Slimming Regime

Why I am Fat. Before I went to the US at the end of 2001 I had always been between 65kg – 73kg. On my return a year later I was 82kg! Ever since I have had a problem with a pot belly and never been less than 76kg. In the last year or two…

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BBC, F1, Market Forces

Can anyone tell me how I can use my power as a consumer to register my dissatisfaction at the BBC selling off half their F1 coverage to Sky? With any other company I could stop purchasing products from them. Since we are legally obliged to buy a TV license how does the BBC measure consumer…

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So today we all have to take the ones we love to a packed restaurant, eat from a set menu at greatly inflated prices and try to fulfill a commercial edict to demonstrate our love through expenditure and creativeness or at least discover a passing knowledge of the romantic poets so we can rip them…

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No conspiracy here…

TV is shit, but it is too shit to be a weapon of oppression.

There have been several times when I have considered that there might be intelligent design behind the vast majority of dross on TV. An evil cabal plotting to keep the masses passive by spoon feeding us anaesthetics via the media. Mind numbing pap to dull the wit and destroy the soul. I couldn’t possibly entertain that idea any more though….

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