So today we all have to take the ones we love to a packed restaurant, eat from a set menu at greatly inflated prices and try to fulfill a commercial edict to demonstrate our love through expenditure and creativeness or at least discover a passing knowledge of the romantic poets so we can rip them off in mass produced cards from supermarket chains or petrol stations. Ahhh love in the 21st Century!

I love my better half. I honestly couldn’t live without her. She suffers all my faults, works herself to the bone for me & the cats. She is dedicated to justice and fairness. It wouldn’t surprise me if she snuck out at night wearing her pants outside her tights to mete out justice to the people of Brighton.

I love her unruly curly hair

I love how she likes to try new things¬† – eg. Chicken surprise….
This involves a normal Sunday roast chicken, roast potatoes, cabbage etc… but with several tea spoons of dried chili flakes and a whole fresh chili stuffed in the (free range) chicken. The flavour of the chicken is unnaffected. However I do make the gravy from the juices (adding some white wine, maybe buter:vinegar:salt:sugar etc… whatever is necessary) all the chili heat ended up in the gravy so we had a normal & very lovely roast chicken, with a super hot chili gravy! We were able to turn off the gas fire and huddle around my tongue for the rest of the evening. Highly recommended for the unseasonably cold nights.

I love how the cats always sleep on her rather than me!

I Love how she makes plans and then ignores them.

I love that she does facebook so that I don’t have to.

I love that she hates soap operas too

I love that she never remembers a film, so that I can watch my favourites more than once,

but she still rememebers the plot of every CSI so we don’t have to watch them more than once.

I Love my better half I really do.

I love you Jo – and so do our cats!


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