Slimming Regime

Why I am Fat.

Before I went to the US at the end of 2001 I had always been between 65kg – 73kg. On my return a year later I was 82kg! Ever since I have had a problem with a pot belly and never been less than 76kg.

In the last year or two I have ballooned back up to 80kg again and can no longer fit my interview (and wedding & funeral and everything else suit).

My best mate has now asked me to be Godfather to his daughter and I hacve accepted with honour, however unless I want to attend the christening in a pair of baggy jeans I needed to lose some flab.

Unfortunately as I now have osteo-arthritis in my toes my standard excercise technique of walking many, many miles is no longer viable (one of the reasons I have become so flabby).

What Diet Plan?

We all know there are countless diet plans and fads out there and some of them seem to work to some degree. Many people find it difficult to follow these plans and some can leave you feeling dreadful like the Atkins diet for instance.  I did actually do the Atkins diet for a month after I came back from the US and I did lose around 6kg in about 5 weeks but I didn’t really fancy trying it again.

Ultimately weight loss & weight gain is a simple equation. If your energy intake is greater than your energy output, you gain weight and vice versa.  So I elected to follow no-ones plan and simply reduce the number of calories I am eating and increase the number I am using.

I’m not counting every single calorie that goes in or out, but using rough estimation trying to keep intake to between 1500 -1700 calories and burning 200 – 500 through excercise.

To help with this I have taken control of the meal planning & purchasing and rather than JB going off to the shops in the car a couple of times a week I have been cycling to the shop (sometimes via the Palace Pier which is about 2.5 km out of my way) to get the provisions on a daily basis.I have also spring cleaned the kitchen and been doing some mild excercising at home.

Results so far…

After the first week I have managed to lose 2kg! So at the moment I am well on target to fit the suit by the end of March.  I might even be able to sunbathe in summer without people calling the RSPCA to rescue the beached beluga whale they thought they saw.

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