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Despite the internet supposedly making communication much easier, these days it’s often difficult to find anyway of sending feedback to many corporations.  When I was a lad you had to scour yellow pages or business directories to find a phone number & then eventually get passed around to someone willing to listen. Now that everyone has e-mail and every large corporate entity has a web page or 10 it can be surprisingly difficult to find an actual way to contact them.

In a way I can understand it, it takes a bit of effort to moderate all the spam that will undoubtedly ensue. Although it seems to me there have been a lot of jobs displaced by technology and there are many more to come. Our local Tesco is rapidly becoming an almost fully automated operation. they now have a large section devoted to ‘self shopping’ and two large sections for ‘self-checkout’ each of these is now operated by a single employee and a raft of cameras. That’s 9 or 10 checkout positions no longer required. Maybe they would like a job in a nice office sifting out the spam from the genuine responses?

I suppose at least they know that if a customer actually manages to get in touch with them they must feel pretty strongly about it.

Avast Anti-Virus

When a company offers a feedback form sub-titled “Help us to make our product better” it gives me a warm fuzzy glow, someone out there wants to hear my opinion! Given that I had just wasted half an hour attempting what should have been a very simple task it was at least a relief that I could tell the architects of my displeasure all about it.

So I angrily mash the keyboard for another 20 minutes, trying to concentrate on the details and avoid the frustrated expletives. Having finished my restrained rant I hit submit, and what happens? That dreadful phrase that seems to infest every piece of the internet pops up Please register or login to post feedback. I can’t help wondering where I can submit my feedback that I don’t want another sodding user account that I am going to use once and then have it remain forever as bait for security breaches.

Since I happen to be running their software on my machine, and their software by necessity has to communicate with their servers. Perhaps the button labelled “Send Feedback” in the application could simply send it directly to them instead of sending me to a webpage for which I have to create yet another account.

I hate the bloody internet these days!

My Avast Feedback…

I infrequently use to run software as a service. This allows you to run applications you don’t have permanently installed, from the cloud.
I found avast had at some point removed the component from my machine, as far as I can tell it never gave me any warning.
When attempting to re-install avast blocked the first component, giving a notification box with two links.  The first “exclude from scan” doesn’t work. The second “Report False positive” doesn’t fill in any details for you & since the file concerned has already been placed in the chest you can’t even query the properties to determine publisher & version which are required fields in the dialog. I would think you would be able to pull those properties from the file and pre-fill the dialog before moving it to the chest?

Anyway having wasted 10 minutes doing all that. I tried again and avast blocked several other components during the start-up of gimp. At no point could I select exclude from scan from the dialog.

Attempting to find files which have just been quarantined by avast is utterly horrible. Your interface these days is just marketing crap and not useful at all – eventually managed to find them through the statistics pain, but even then restoring and excluding from scan weren’t intuitive – or actually effective.

The only way I could get anything from to run properly is to disable avast entirely since avast seems to consider every single Gimp plugin a virus as well when you load it through spoon.

I’ve wasted an hour simply trying to open a tif file to see if it was layered or flat. An incredibly frustrating experience.

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  1. Chris Sears says:

    Brilliant rant!! More please!
    PS: Watch the blood pressure.