Cam Force One vs 21st Century

Of course it seems utterly ridiculous to spend £10m on a private government jet, it hardly screams solidarity with the austerity aesthetic. Oh hold on, that’s right solidarity was the last guys yes? Shit I’m confused, didn’t they want a jet?

Why does everyone want a jet? The army doesn’t have boots, all our public services belong to someone else. The Police are threatening to use their powers to fine people without trial to supplement their perceived budgetary shortfalls and councils throughout the country are using Public Space Protection Orders to criminalise normal, harmless, admittedly; sometimes irritating, human behaviour.

Maybe they feel secure in the ability to escape in a hurry?

The information no one seems to be asking for is a breakdown of how this £10m expenditure is going to save us money? How long does it take them to spend £10m on airline tickets? Haven’t they heard of the internet? Fair play, the added charges after you agree to book the tickets can be pretty disgusting, but surely if the tax payers are paying the government money, to buy airline tickets, on which they pay tax, they can probably get tax relief on that can’t they? er?

Ok ha ha, but really how does spending £10m save us money? Have they not heard of climate change? Carbon reduction? Couldn’t we save something like £9.8m of that plane’s cost by using Skype?

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