Can you afford to be advertised to?

This week it was announced that from 2019 Formula 1 live races would be exclusively provided by Sky in the UK.

As I said in my previous post. The value of viewers to Formula 1 is or at least was in the number of eyes being made available to the adverstisers who pay fortunes to have their names plastered on every spare centimetre of plastic, fabric or carbon fibre visible during the weekend.

Of my friends who do still watch Formula 1 I can’t imagine a single one of them purchasing a Sky subscription in order to continue to do so, especially after the last two lacklustre seasons. I certainly won’t be.

F1 is a particularly niche sport which actually requires quite a bit of effort from the viewer to learn the complexities of physics, the rules, the engineering etc… to get the most out of it. For myself and many others like me this was achieved by being a casual watcher of free to air races. How are they going to get new viewers to keep the sport going in the future?

Greed has destryed this sport.

My friend & I were discussing whether to go to the British GP this year, but given the state of the sport and the shameless milking of its fanbase we’r enot going to bother. We’re going to go to the British Touring Car championships instead. It is still a weekend of camping and watching motor racing, but 1/4 of the price and 4 times the integrity.

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