The Alter Ego Story

Many years ago a group of lads got together and created a band. Who would have thought that from those humble beginings the members of that band would end up programming computers, working in Insurance, busking, running a Karaoke thingy and joining the police (not the excellent 80’s pop trio I must add).

yeah we didn’t think we’d end up here either. “It’s a shit business” as they say in Royston Vasey, but we had fun anyway.

In a fit of misplaced nostalgia (or maybe wine) I have placed some of our stuff here, to inspire others to go to university and get proper jobs.

So without further ado I present a very small example of the collected works of Alter Ego (and previously Prodigal Son). All works are copyrighted so don’t go selling them, or [insert fictional omnipotent being of choice here] forbid, copying them. You probably shouldn’t even listen to them but that’s your call.

My personal favourite, one of the usual ‘Jan Epics’ as they used to be described. Try and stick with it to the guitar solo – it’s my favourite bit of music that Neil and I ever wrote.
Second Class 14.4 MB
copyright Alter Ego.

Another epic, this was one of our first. Watch out for the comedy ending.
A New Messiah 13.7 MB
copyright Alter Ego.

A song about a very wrong kind of love. Some of Ian Bell’s first lyrics for Alter Ego. This version is from our “Warts ‘n all” live to DAT with minimal mixing tape. No time to correct mistakes, or tune up for that matter, and yes it IS an excuse!
Necro Jack 8.3 MB copyright Alter Ego.

I have a few others but sadly (for us rather than mankind) so many were never recorded. Just relentlessly gigged all over Kent. You lucky buggers!

If you listened you can blame these people for your experience.

Me: Guitar, Keyboards, Guitar Synth, being Angry.

Neil Williams: Lead Guitar, backing vocals, driving on autopilot.

Ian bell: Lead vocals, attitude, blood, piss.

Andy Refault: Bass Guitar, booze.

Jez Druce: Drums on 2nd Class & A New Messiah, looking like a certain hologram from a popular Sci-Fi sitcom.

Ian Harris: Drums on Necro Jack, not ever once in 3 years standing still for more than 2 seconds, ever, not ever.

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    It’s a shit business, the music business.