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Top Of The Lake

When I first saw this lurking without fanfare in the TV pages & on iPlayer I was already too worn out by ineffective attempts to reproduce the success of Forbrydelsen (the original Danish version of The Killing) including of course the subsequent Danish sequels. It seems these days you can almost hear the cynical, dead…

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BBC, F1, Market Forces

Can anyone tell me how I can use my power as a consumer to register my dissatisfaction at the BBC selling off half their F1 coverage to Sky? With any other company I could stop purchasing products from them. Since we are legally obliged to buy a TV license how does the BBC measure consumer…

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No conspiracy here…

TV is shit, but it is too shit to be a weapon of oppression.

There have been several times when I have considered that there might be intelligent design behind the vast majority of dross on TV. An evil cabal plotting to keep the masses passive by spoon feeding us anaesthetics via the media. Mind numbing pap to dull the wit and destroy the soul. I couldn’t possibly entertain that idea any more though….

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Formula 1/2

Today the BBC announced that they will be sharing coverage of Formula 1 with Sky from next year, each party showing half the races live. The BBC will show highlights of the races it doesn’t show live. They will however continue to show live coverage of all races online. I know I’m never really in…

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End of the world news

Intro Sorry Mr Burgess, but I think now might be an appropriate time to steal your title. Of course the unqualified wittering I am about to record may simply be a symptom of my age and I must admit I haven’t done any research into whether people are inclined to predict future doom and pestilence…

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