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Cam Force One vs 21st Century

Of course it seems utterly ridiculous to spend £10m on a private government jet, it hardly screams solidarity with the austerity aesthetic. Oh hold on, that’s right solidarity was the last guys yes? Shit I’m confused, didn’t they want a jet? Why does everyone want a jet? The army doesn’t have boots, all our public…

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No conspiracy here…

TV is shit, but it is too shit to be a weapon of oppression.

There have been several times when I have considered that there might be intelligent design behind the vast majority of dross on TV. An evil cabal plotting to keep the masses passive by spoon feeding us anaesthetics via the media. Mind numbing pap to dull the wit and destroy the soul. I couldn’t possibly entertain that idea any more though….

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More IDiocy

The home secretary ‘Waqui’ Jaqui Smith or Unterführer Schmidt as I like to think of her, has been continuing the relentless drive to spend billions on the National ID card and National Identity Register this year. Implementing this pointless system makes even less sense in the financial winter ahead of us. Expensive Kit Before I…

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Spend for your lives

Consume for your country! Apparently if we don’t the magic money wheel will stop turning. Since a vast number of people just manage to scrape together enough money to pay for their utilities and subsistence I’m not sure how that’s going to work. Unless maybe duty has increased on fags and booze? I can’t seem…

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We are gathered here today

Well what an exciting month it has been. For all of us rather than just myself of course. Jo and I have been to Cornwall and had two sets of friends come to stay this month. The rest of us have been experiencing the highs and lows of a banking system in turmoil. Good times…

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