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No conspiracy here…

TV is shit, but it is too shit to be a weapon of oppression.

There have been several times when I have considered that there might be intelligent design behind the vast majority of dross on TV. An evil cabal plotting to keep the masses passive by spoon feeding us anaesthetics via the media. Mind numbing pap to dull the wit and destroy the soul. I couldn’t possibly entertain that idea any more though….

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Richard Hammond’s Journey to…hell

The new Richard Hammond show “Richard Hammond’s Journey To…” has two USPs (Unique Selling Points). 1. CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) – special effects to pre-digital consumers 2. Richard Hammod – a carefully choreographed ‘tongue in cheek, affable’ presenter with bad hair So to justify using a presenter from Top Gear, whose cheeky, nice boy persona…

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Broken Record

I have been waiting patiently for a news article I read elsewhere to appear on the bastion of British news media, good old Aunty Beeb. Not on the BBC’s television news of course, since that has only been pretending to be informative and hasn’t provided any critical analysis of the news for years. However I…

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